Weft Insertion Warp Knit Fusible Interlining

This is a kind of warp knit interlining with better performance in stable hand feeling.

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36", 44", 60"


30gsm, 60gsm, 55gsm, 50gsm, 40gsm


100meters, 100yards


warp knit


double dot


Weft Insertion Warp Knit Fusible Interlining

This  interlining is knitted by weft insertion warp knit machines, double coated.

The warp knit interlining has a stable structure. It can effectively avoid the seam slippery problems.

With coating, this interlining brings cloth a stiff and pump hand feeling.

  • Soft hand feeling but with a little bit of pumping stiffness
  • suitable for working suit and uniforms
  • better stable structure
  • excellent adhesive strength
  • suitable for high weight shell fabric
  • more sophisticating fabric surface, with a higher density of yarn counting

Knit Details

wide narrow


Product Series Warp Yarn Weft Yarn Wide Warp Yarn Style Narrow Warp Yarn Style Coating Weight Colour
WF3050 FDY 30D DTY 50D 20-21gsm 25-26gsm 8gsm Fabric Dyed
WF4050SE* FDY 40D DTY 50D Elastic 25-26gsm No 8gsm Fabric Dyed
WF3075 FDY 30D DTY 75D 25-26gsm 33-34gsm 8gsm Fabric Dyed
WF4075 FDY 40D DTY 75D 28-30gsm 38-42gsm 10gsm  Yarn/Fabric Dyed
WF40100 FDY 40D DTY 100D 29-32gsm 45-50gsm 10-12gsm  Yarn/Fabric Dyed
WF40150 FDY 40D DTY 150D 30-50gsm** No 10-12gsm  Yarn/Fabric Dyed

  • *WF4050SE is super elastic in weft direction. It can be elongated up to 150%
  • **Weight can be adjusted by density of weft yarn. Please inquiry our export manager.
  • We suggest to make a test before final fusing.
  • Please also inquiry us before fusing in different environment.

Q&A: What is tricot interlining?

We call a kind of weft insertion interlining as tricot interlining.

It is not a wrong name. This is mainly because this kind of interlining is made from Karl Mayer tricot warp knitting machine. Weft insertion warp knit interlining is very long. Tricot interlining is easy to remember.

Coating Direction

CoatingWash situationFusing TemperatureFusing PressFusing Time
PES100≤40℃ wash110-125℃1-1.5kg10-15s
PA901dry wash, ≤60℃ wash90-110℃1-1.5kg10-15s
PA902dry wash, ≤40℃ wash, fair enzyme wash90-115℃1-1.5kg10-15s
CoatingWash situationFusing TemperatureFusing PressFusing Time
PES110≤40℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PES202≤60℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA3dry wash,≤40℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA2dry wash,≤60℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA6dry wash,≤60℃ wash, fair enzyme wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA8dry wash,≤90℃ wash, enzyme wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s

* For special area fusing please inquiry our export manager.
* For special product, such melt blown fabric, curtain lining fabric, the coating cannot be applied.

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