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Stereo-feeling, Crinkled Style Fabric

This cinkled fabric is made by weft inserted warp knit machine by adding 10% spandex in the weft yarn. Because it’s pattern is like tree’s rough bark or beef tripe, in China, it is also called as ‘tree bark fabric’ or ‘ beef tripe fabric’.

We produce different kinds of fusible interlinings in the garment industry. From knitting process to coating process, we aim to form a total quality supply chain for our final customers.

Due to our special warp knit machine structure, we produce some kinds of half-transparent window curtains. This kind of curtain has a stable structure and better light performance.

Since the beginning of 2020, we have a cooperated nonwoven production line for masks, air condition filters, etc… We mainly focus on melt-blown fabric, spun-bond fabric, and SMS(S/SS/SSS). 

Weft insertion warp knit fabric has been gradually used in car seat sponge interlining. This is mainly because its stable structure, excellent air breathing and stiff pump hand feeling.

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24 Hour Feedback

To each email, we aim to give you fast feedback within 24 hours. We all know time is money.

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Customize Directly

We do customization in raw material, knitting method, and after finishing

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Immediate Delivery

We deliver normal massive product within 14 days. Clear talk between customers and us is our basic rule.

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Sample Fee Free back

Sample making fee will be deducted when we sign the first formal contract.

Our Social Responsibility

We keeps focusing in giving a better reaction to our society requirements from these aspects below:

improving our employees’ living quality; better environment protecting action by lowering chemical pollution and long-term raw material recycling system; cooperating more with government, doing best in international market, etc..


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