About BaiYue B-Y Warp Knit

A Zero cm Tour of our factory

In this part, you will have a detailed visiting of BAIYUE. From knitting to coating, we control the every step of production.

Established in 2009, we keeps focusing on producing and developing high-quality knitting and non-woven fabric for garment and industry use.


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Yarn Texturing Process

We can select, choose and produce different types of yarns in this process. This process can control our basic raw material quality. SHENGHONG and HENGYI, which are the largest polyester factory in China, cooperated with us in a long term.


Vertical Yarn Beaming Process

Beaming process is the period when we put the vertical yarn together. This process mainly affects the surface quality of the fabric. We have 2 beaming machines for different knitting situations.

weft inserted knitting

Weft Inserted Warp Knitting

We have 16 warp knit weft insertion machines from Germany and China mainland. From 130 to 245 inches wide, the machine is knitting for not only garment fusible interlining, but also for curtain lining fabric, car lining fabric, and other support-needed lining fabric.

circular workshop

Circular Knitting

We also have 30 circular knit machines. This is equipped with GRS certificated yarn, supplying high-quality interlining wholesale brand company. The capacity of one year can up to 18,000,000 meters of circular knitting base fabric and  interlinings. 

middle inspection

Middle Inspection

Our employees look after well during production. The machine will alert and be stopped when some yarns are broken. Our employees will connect the broken yarns at the very first time.

coating machine line

Fusible Interlining Coating Workshop

The coating workshop has 2 machines. One is a brand new double-dot machine. The other one is a powder thermo-transfer machine. We can offer different styles of interlinings just as customers' requirements. The capacity can be up to 15,000,000 meters.

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Fusing Strength and Other Quality Specifics Checking

During the fusible interlining coating process, each roll we will test the fusing bonding strength to ensure our quality stability. HASHIMA from Japan is the main test machine for fusing strength. Besides that, we also have the method to check: STIFFNESS, ELONGATION, HEATING SHRINKAGE, etc..

packing and inspection

Final Inspection & Package

We make inspection and package during this process. It will take couple days to our customers' factorys.

melt blown line

Melt Blown Workshop for Masks

To fight with the COVID-19, we established Deruy-melt-blown non-woven fabric at the beginning of 2020. We have 2 1.6-meter wide melt-blown machines for masks. The quality can be adjusted in both gsm and filter standard, such as  BFE95/99, PFE90/95/99.

Why Choose B-Y Warp Knit

Feedback within 24H

To each email, we aim to give you fast feedback within 24 hours. Our export team keeps in a fast and professional response.

No Min-Quantity

We also support small buyers from all over the world. There is no minimum quantity for each other, even 1 roll or 100 meters.


Not only in the coating process, but the product can also be customized in raw material, knitting method, and after finishing.

Quality Control

In every 1000 meters, there will be an inspection point. When we are doing the packing and rolling process, we will have a double check in full meters. 

OEM Available

We have a mature process of cooperating with different factories and brands. We have a special production manager to monitor the whole process.

Sea Shipping

We have a long-term cooperated forwarder company from TAIWAN. For normal large bulk products, we aim to set the delivery within 7 days.

Flash Flight Shipping

For samples, some small bulk within 10 rolls, or emergency goods, we apply air flight shipping or DHL. We aim to let our customers receive them within 7 days.

Social Responsibility

Okeo test standard. GRS standard. Core cooperation with SGS. We keep focusing on the environment friendly supply chain to protect the environment.

No Chemical Harm and Environmental Friendly


2 Hours driving from Shanghai Pudong Airport.

We located in No36, Huihai Road, Qidong High Tech Park, Qidong, Jiangsu Province.

Post Code: 226200

Purchasing Steps

1 day feedback: Our team will give you feedback within 1 day including price, product data and suggestion.

2 sides confirming: After the two sides confirm all the transaction details, we will send samples to the users. After the user is satisfied with the sample, the final order can be determined.

7 days preparation: For normal bulk products, the goods will be ready within 7 days. 

Ask For A Quick Quote

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@bywarpknit.com”