GRS Two Way Elastic Fusible Interlining by Circualr Machine

This is a good hand-feeling elastic interlining for ladies and athletes.

Additional information


63", 60"


30gsm, 45gsm, 70gsm, 55gsm


100meters, 100yards


circular knit


double dot, powder dot


GRS Two Way Elastic Interlining

Baiyue Has Cooperated with Donghua Brand in circular knitting, GRS quality.

GRS Certificate of circular elastic interfacing


Interlining is produced by circular knitting machine, double coating.
Due to the structure of circular knitting, this interlining has two-way elastic. The hand feeling is soft and silky, suitable for fashions and sports.

  • relatively soft hand feeling and delicate weight
  • no curved edge on original fabric
  • can be easily stretched for different kinds of elastic-style fabrics
  • good for lady fashion and sport fashion

Knit Details

Product Series Applied Yarn Base Fabric Weight Coating Weight Colour
EC30 DTY 30D 22-24gsm 8gsm  Yarn/Fabric Dyed
EC50 DTY 50D 32-35gsm 10gsm  Yarn/Fabric Dyed
EC75 DTY 75D 45-50gsm 10gsm  Yarn/Fabric Dyed

  • We suggest to make a test before final fusing.
  • Please also inquiry us before fusing in different environment.

Coating Direction

CoatingWash situationFusing TemperatureFusing PressFusing Time
PES100≤40℃ wash110-125℃1-1.5kg10-15s
PA901dry wash, ≤60℃ wash90-110℃1-1.5kg10-15s
PA902dry wash, ≤40℃ wash, fair enzyme wash90-115℃1-1.5kg10-15s
CoatingWash situationFusing TemperatureFusing PressFusing Time
PES110≤40℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PES202≤60℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA3dry wash,≤40℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA2dry wash,≤60℃ wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA6dry wash,≤60℃ wash, fair enzyme wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s
PA8dry wash,≤90℃ wash, enzyme wash125-140℃1.5-2kg10-15s

* For special area fusing please inquiry our export manager.
* For special product, such melt blown fabric, curtain lining fabric, the coating cannot be applied.

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